Snapping Necks

One of the ways to mitigate mega-damage titans in body armor is the good ol’ fashioned neck snap. While somewhat Hollywood in it’s execution, it allows for some of the hopelessness in facing armored opponents to be ground out while at the same time maintaining some suspension of disbelief.

The human neck is already a weak point in daily life. Adding a helmet to it only adds leverage and weight, which works against the person in the suit. With speed and surprise to his or her advantage, a player can break the neck of an armored squishy, and if the attacker has strength on his or her side, the attack can be even more effective.

To make a successful surprise attack neck-snap, we begin by assuming that the character has somehow achieved a position behind the target.

Make a Prowl check to maintain the element of surprise. If the character does not have Prowl, then an opposed IQ check will suffice. (Both attacker and target roll a D20 and add IQ, high roll wins.) If the Prowl is successful, then the attacker must roll to Strike and make a Called Shot against an 8 at -3 or a successful grapple check. Then a roll to Strike must be made against the target’s PE attribute on a D20. Only the Hand to Hand Combat bonuses apply.

If the attack is successful, the attacker rolls Power Punch + Strength Bonus damage directly to the target’s PE attribute. If the attack fails, combat begins if it has not already, and the target starts at initiative step 1 and suffers punch damage only direct to his or her PE attribute and must make a successful Save vs. Pain or collapse unconscious for D4 attacks.

As one might imagine, Juicers, Crazies, Psychics with 6th Sense, and other characters who are immune to surprise cannot be attacked and killed this way. Also, it is not possible to snap the neck of any character who is of a strength category higher than you. For example, a normal strength human cannot perform this move on a partial conversion Borg or other character with Augmented, Robotic, or Supernatural strength.

Snapping Necks

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