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Riposte at Firebase Wally
While we're here...

The group receives a communique from MercNet indicating that their client was pleased with the disruption of CS forces at Firebase Wally and offered to extend the contract to cover the relief forces the CS would be sure to send to reclaim the area. The group accepts and sets up an ambush.

The Cyborg, having woken up after surgery to clean out a virus in his porn stash, leaves the Cyber-Medical Center to find his APC missing. A note was left for him at the receptionist saying that the rest of the team had taken it and that they’d be back. Unsettled by the prospect of having the paint scratched on his baby, the Cyborg sets out to aid the group and on the way encounters one of the CS troopers that had fled the previous battle. (Seriously, the players asked. I let them roll for it and they came up with a N20 right before my very eyes!) After a brief scuffle, the Cyborg arrives at the scene minutes before the battle starts and joins in the plan to ambush the CS.

The group interrogates the surviving CS troops from the previous battle and gets a whole lot of “name/rank/serial number/die D-Bee loving mercenary scum” for their trouble. The Juicer searches the command center of the Firebase as the Gunfighter rigs up some demo charges around the small building. The Crazy runs off to scout out the area and set up early warning for the enemy troops. A few well placed fusion blocks and demo charges later, the group takes up positions. The Gunfighter finds the sturdiest section of the building and hides there with the surviving CS troops. The Juicer retrieves his Icarus and sets up shop atop an old chemical silo not far West of the Firebase, nearby the Cyborg who has commandeered the tank and left it parked near the West entrance.

The Crazy, while mostly sneaky, ended up accidentally giving himself away. A squad of advancing CS Grunts coming from the East spot him and attempt to chase him off by advancing and laying down suppressing fire. The Crazy hucks a couple smoke grenades and finds a new hiding spot, waiting for the troops to pass by. They do and make their way to the base and the Crazy follows behind in stealth.

Meanwhile, three Terror Troopers approach from the West and make a beeline to inspect the commandeered Sky Sweeper tank. While the other two cover him, the first approaches the tank and the Juicer sets off one of his well-placed fusion blocks, destroying the Terror Trooper. TT2 and TT3 advance towards the base by flanking around the explosion. The Cyborg in the Sky Sweeper engages TT2, rail guns chattering away. TT2 attempts to soak and return fire, but realizes that a frontal assault won’t work. TT2 attempts to make way to the Firebase around another chemical silo. The Cyborg fires a rail gun at a fusion block, detonating it, but the explosion does not catch TT2 in the blast.

The Juicer cuts loose with a volley of mini-missiles from the Icarus into TT3 and then sends it flying into a holding pattern. The unfortunate Terror Trooper was caught in the multiple-blast volley and destroyed. The Juicer then made his way toward TT2 to put his chainsaw to work.

Meanwhile, the CS squad approaches the Firebase double-time and begins to explore the area having been drawn in by the Gunfighter who shot one of the CS captives in the leg and broadcast his screams over the radio. As they ran, the Crazy approaches one from behind, catching the CS trooper by surprise and snapping his neck. A sniper engages the Crazy, and he runs off back into the woods East of the Firebase to find him. As the rescue squad approaches the door, the Gunfighter sets off his demo charges, killing three of the remaining troops. The squad sergeant calls upon his heavy gunner to take position, only to find the neck-snapped body lying on the ground. A few lucky shots and a call for help later, and the rescue squad was killed to a man.

The Gunfighter, now buried in the rubble of his own making, attempts to rig up a demo charge to blast himself and the CS captives free. Unfortunately, Physics is a bitch sometimes, and while a hole was blown clear, the charge wasn’t set right and the concussion wave inside the hole in which the Gunfighter was trapped smooshed and burned everyone inside the room.

The Crazy, after a short game of cat-and-mouse with the enemy sniper, finally meets his quarry. After the CS trooper attempts a surprised no-scope at close range with his rifle, a fierce close-quarters battle involving a vibro-axe and a pulse laser pistol ensues. The sniper put up a good fight, but eventually lost, the upper half of his head being removed from his body.

The party regroups, assesses the damage, and decides to extract, taking the body of their fellow mercenary with them.

Firebase Wally

An independent client contracts a Gunfighter, a Mega-Juicer, and a Crazy to attack a small Coalition Firebase nestled in the ruins of an old ruined Wal-Mart. The attack was timed to coincide with troop deployments so that the smallest force was in the Firebase at the time. Defenses consisted of a squad of CS Grunts in Exo-frames on patrol and a single Sky Sweeper anti-aircraft tank.

Having lifted the keys to the APC, the Gunfighter drives headlong into the Western flank of the compound through a loading ramp and starts trading shots with the Sky Sweeper tank, running over a CS Cyborg Grunt in the process. The Sky Sweeper was left mostly intact, but with an impromptu rear hatch door blown into the back of the tank. The APC took a grievous amount of damage in the exchange, forcing the Gunfighter to bail out of the APC, but not before leaving an armed fusion block on the hapless ’borg on the way by. As the battle progressed, the Gunfighter set off the fusion block which exploded the APC and hid the Gunfighter from the Sky Sweeper tank, spoiling its aim. The Gunfighter rounded out the battle by trading fire with a CS Grunt.

The Mega-Juicer opened the gambit with the his signature Swoop-Shoot-and-Dismount move which he unfortunately biffed, resulting in the tank still being in operation and the dismount leaving him slightly out of position. Ducking and weaving through enemy fire, the Mega-Juicer leaped and bound to a watchtower on the main Firebase building. Before the rail gunner atop the watchtower could recover from the surprise, the Mega-Juicer cleft off his head with a vicious stroke of his chainsaw. Despite a hail of incoming laser and grenade fire, the Mega-Juicer leaped from the top of the watchtower in time to catch up to the fighting Sky Sweeper tank

The Crazy, the out-and-out murderer of the group, infiltrated the battle area, swiftly executing one of the enemy grunts and taking down another before running down a third which unfortunately escaped.

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We Wouldn't Want to Hurt Ourselves

The setting is Rifts Earth, during the CS invasion of Tolkeen.

Edward Killian contracts a mercenary group (name unknown) consisting of a Borg, a Crazy, a Juicer, and a Gunfighter to scout out and if possible, eliminate a necromancer operating in a small borough built on pre-rifts Rochester, Wisconsin. He offers 100,000 credits to each of the four men in the merc outfit.

The team meets up with Killian’s liaison at the agreed coordinates and picks out a potential ambush. After some deliberation, the team fires a cannon shell from their APC at the spotted ambush, takes the up-front payment, and leaves to go do the job.

In Rochester, a small company sized element of CS troops is engaged with magic-wielding forces actively using necromancy. The Borg, the Crazy, and the Juicer assault the CS troops, first eliminating their command post, then systematically wiping out the rest of the CS troops, save for a few who escape. Meanwhile, the Gunfighter manages to locate the necromancer and disrupt his plans. The necromancer escaped.

The Liaison is now refusing to payout the other half of the contract, condemning the attack against his team during the meeting. Attempts to contact Killian have turned up nothing.


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