Mercenary Tolkeen Body Count Tour


We Wouldn't Want to Hurt Ourselves

The setting is Rifts Earth, during the CS invasion of Tolkeen.

Edward Killian contracts a mercenary group (name unknown) consisting of a Borg, a Crazy, a Juicer, and a Gunfighter to scout out and if possible, eliminate a necromancer operating in a small borough built on pre-rifts Rochester, Wisconsin. He offers 100,000 credits to each of the four men in the merc outfit.

The team meets up with Killian’s liaison at the agreed coordinates and picks out a potential ambush. After some deliberation, the team fires a cannon shell from their APC at the spotted ambush, takes the up-front payment, and leaves to go do the job.

In Rochester, a small company sized element of CS troops is engaged with magic-wielding forces actively using necromancy. The Borg, the Crazy, and the Juicer assault the CS troops, first eliminating their command post, then systematically wiping out the rest of the CS troops, save for a few who escape. Meanwhile, the Gunfighter manages to locate the necromancer and disrupt his plans. The necromancer escaped.

The Liaison is now refusing to payout the other half of the contract, condemning the attack against his team during the meeting. Attempts to contact Killian have turned up nothing.



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