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Firebase Wally


An independent client contracts a Gunfighter, a Mega-Juicer, and a Crazy to attack a small Coalition Firebase nestled in the ruins of an old ruined Wal-Mart. The attack was timed to coincide with troop deployments so that the smallest force was in the Firebase at the time. Defenses consisted of a squad of CS Grunts in Exo-frames on patrol and a single Sky Sweeper anti-aircraft tank.

Having lifted the keys to the APC, the Gunfighter drives headlong into the Western flank of the compound through a loading ramp and starts trading shots with the Sky Sweeper tank, running over a CS Cyborg Grunt in the process. The Sky Sweeper was left mostly intact, but with an impromptu rear hatch door blown into the back of the tank. The APC took a grievous amount of damage in the exchange, forcing the Gunfighter to bail out of the APC, but not before leaving an armed fusion block on the hapless ’borg on the way by. As the battle progressed, the Gunfighter set off the fusion block which exploded the APC and hid the Gunfighter from the Sky Sweeper tank, spoiling its aim. The Gunfighter rounded out the battle by trading fire with a CS Grunt.

The Mega-Juicer opened the gambit with the his signature Swoop-Shoot-and-Dismount move which he unfortunately biffed, resulting in the tank still being in operation and the dismount leaving him slightly out of position. Ducking and weaving through enemy fire, the Mega-Juicer leaped and bound to a watchtower on the main Firebase building. Before the rail gunner atop the watchtower could recover from the surprise, the Mega-Juicer cleft off his head with a vicious stroke of his chainsaw. Despite a hail of incoming laser and grenade fire, the Mega-Juicer leaped from the top of the watchtower in time to catch up to the fighting Sky Sweeper tank

The Crazy, the out-and-out murderer of the group, infiltrated the battle area, swiftly executing one of the enemy grunts and taking down another before running down a third which unfortunately escaped.


Love the image of the Juicer and the chainsaw! Keep it up!

Firebase Wally

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